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...for In a Wicked Age

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1,A forgotten shrine which holds a fountain of divine energy. 1,The remnants of a caravan displaying clawed, inhuman marks. 1,A necromancer with a fixation on gathering human blood. 1,A shining jewel which holds the souls of the slain. 1,A weapon of dark stone, lined with runes that glow a bloody red. 1,A secluded village which watches outsiders with suspicion. 1,Lost in the past, a soldier searches for a new purpose. 1,The ruins of a fallen city where the ghostly siege is relived. 1,A lone figure stalks the rooftops, leaving victims drained of blood. 1,Beneath a temple, a small cell conceals a dark past. 1,The guard, once sworn to uphold the law, has become a criminal. 1,A mysterious market under open skies which sells goods of alien design. 1,The inn a couple days ride from the nearest town and far from prying eyes. 1,A silver dagger which feeds a forgotten god the soul of its victim. 1,The sewers beneath a city which echoes with whispers and muted screams. 1,A towering spire that overlooks the surrounding lands, left alone for centuries. 1,An assassin spurned by the goddess of murder. 1,Lying in a dark alley, the corpse of a noble is discovered. 1,A crumpled note with alchemical recipes detailing a new discovery. 1,A lunatic who claims to shift into a beast when the moon rises. 1,The deed to a home, delivered by messenger. 1,A demonic entity emerges from the shadows and terrorizes a village. 1,Fruit holding a bitter poison; a note beside it with the victim's name. 1,A priestess of murder seeking a worthy sacrifice. 1,Strange alchemical reagents in waxed paper; poisonous to some, healing to others. 1,Ore which seems to whisper with incoherent voices. 1,A wandering noble, divested of all property. 1,A dying city beside tranquil shores, disconnected from trade. 1,A statue in the wilderness speaks to her followers, promising favors for a life. 1,An armored wizard, preparing for a war that hasn't come. 1,A blood stained altar dedicated to the goddess of murder. 1,A book filled with an indecipherable script from another age. 1,Apparitions rise and attack a village, reclaiming ancestral lands. 1,Worshipers of a deity from another time; a return to dark practices. 1,A noble requests the return of a stolen artifact. 1,A decaying wreck along the shores of a beach, voices whisper within its hold. 1,A map leads to the overgrown crypt of an ancient warlord. 1,A portal materializes near a town, driving its people insane. 1,A thief, whose victim is not so easily taken. 1,A portal opens, spewing creatures from another plane. 1,The village near a tomb whose dead still walk. 1,The key which unlocks a treasure, buried and forgotten. 1,A shadowed figure delivers a personal message in the dark of night. 1,A horse with glowing eyes that seems far too intelligent. 1,The moon turns red, howls echo through the night. 1,An artifact from the temple of murder is stolen, filling the thief with an unspeakable desire. 1,The dark moon rises, the goddess of murder gathers more power. 1,The monastery where magic and swordplay merge into one art. 1,A hunter in search of more intelligent prey. 1,A sword of green glass filled with a swirling inner fire. 1,A tomb opens, the restless spirits spill into the world of the living. 1,A monastic figure that wanders the land, searching for tests of strength. </sgtable>